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BASIC INDICES( 499USD for 3 Months, 899USD for 6 Months & 1499USD for 12 Months)

  • 1-2 researched signals daily with balance risk and reward ratio.
  • We use breakout strategy - buy us30 above 34700 or sell below 34650.
  • Maximum Open at a time will be 2 in order to minimize the Risk.
  • All Important News and Economic Data like FED Minutes, ECB Monetary Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves.
  • The mode of signals delivery will be WhatsApp & Telegram.

PRIME INDICES( 1299USD for 3 Months, 2199USD for 6 Months & 3499USD for 12 Months)

  • We provide 2-3 analysis signals daily with proper risk and reward rations.
  • We are providing customized service as per the requirement of the clients.
  • Research Analyst will be appointed to look after the high fund accounts.
  • Signals will be given in US, UK and European indices.
  • Intraday and swing trades will be offered to maximize profits.
  • The number and duration of signals will depend on market movements and opportunities.
  • We will update you on market fundamentals news and data that could affect market movements.
  • Our experts publish monthly newsletters that you can follow to learn more about the market.